D A Z 4 # 2 1 --- H U G


GH-X2 / Alpha Tales sort of ratio.
A young man receives a brutal forced hug and kiss from a very dominant teenage giantess.


P R I S M A --- # 4 1 - 4 8

Prisma Test Render #41 - Peck
An encounter on a Beta-size bed. Peck is both a type of kiss and a dry unit (approx. 2 gallons).

Prisma Test Render #42 - She's Mighty Mighty
Alternate low view of the shower scene from GH-X2.

Prisma Test Render #43 - Break Glass
Experimental render of Caitlin holding Jack's glasses way out of reach.

Prisma Test Render #44 - Teddy Bare
More nudity-based size comparison exploration in the Alpha-Beta range.

Prisma Test Render #45 - Beach Please
Alternative view of two angry sunbathers telling a Beta to leave the beach.

Prisma Test Render #46- Vacuum
Alpha Tales scenario involving a swivel chair, a bedroom and some suction.

Prisma Test Render #47- Big Splash
There's lots of spin-off renders from this original concept - a big girl and a back-yard pool.

Prisma Test Render #48 - Miss Hoover
Alternate version of prior suction-based render.


P R I S M A --- # 3 3 - 4 0

Prisma Test Render #33 - Kneeler
Not much to say about this one. A kneeling digts attempts to comfort a naked man...

Prisma Test Render #34 - Pull Up A Chair
One of several bedroom-based scenes that culminated in the first Alpha Tales render set - Karen.

Prisma Test Render #35 - Clamped
An early test render of Jack's first encounter with Caitlin in GH-X2.

Prisma Test Render #36 - Small Soldier
A foot-tall, action-figure-sized soldier at the mercy of a young lady.

Prisma Test Render #37 - Cover Girl
A young hotel maid being scolded for not making the bed.

Prisma Test Render #38- Nebuchadnezzar
Very large bottles of wine are needed for 19-foot tall women.

Prisma Test Render #39 - True Blue
(Idiom) Loyal, faithful, as in You can count on her support; she's true blue.

Prisma Test Render #40 - Wild Honeysuckle
An enormous amazonian warrior woman wet-nurses her tiny slave.


P R I S M A --- # 2 5 - 3 2

Prisma Test Render #25 - Wet Grip
Hanging on for dear life. The enormous girl's torso is slick with water from the pool.

Prisma Test Render #26 - Scorcher
The art style here helps give the impression of a baking-hot summer's day.

Prisma Test Render #27 - Doormat
What does it feel like to have a 24in-long foot press down on your ribcage?

Prisma Test Render #28 - Hello Handsome
Alpha Tales one-off with a a slightly rock-chic beach bunny.

Prisma Test Render #29 - Hanger-on
Grimly hanging onto the bikini of a 50-foot woman.

Prisma Test Render #30- Got You Now
GH-X2 test to scale Caitlin in Jack's Beta-sized bedroom.

Prisma Test Render #31 - Playing With The Boys
Beach volleyball can get a bit one-sided.

Prisma Test Render #32 - Hot Skirt
An alternate view of the scene from Hot Legs.


P R I S M A --- # 1 7 - 2 4

Prisma Test Render #17 - Sitting Pretty
An early clothed version of a pose I eventually posted in DAZ4 #16

Prisma Test Render #18 - Backboard
GH-X2 test pose where Caitlin pins Jack between her thigh and torso.

Prisma Test Render #19 - Not Welcome
An Alpha Tales scenario where two angry sunbathers tell a Beta to leave the beach.

Prisma Test Render #20 - Chiselled
Alpha Tales concept - muscle beach is no place for a Beta.

Prisma Test Render #21 - Wanna Play
A relaxed, couply Alpha Tales scene depicting a retired gymnast and an author.

Prisma Test Render #22 - Stomp
A prone man looks up at an enormous trigts as she walks over him imposingly.

Prisma Test Render #23 - Thigh Tap
The girl doesn't seem to notice him, so he cautiously taps her thigh to attract her attention.

Prisma Test Render #24 - Fetch
A GH-X2 test with Caitlin holding Jack's glasses in her mouth nonchalantly.

P R I S M A --- # 9 - 1 6

Prisma Test Render #09 - Bed Maid
Another Alpha Tales reject - an insecure young hotel maid breaks down in tears.

Prisma Test Render #010 - Forced
An alternative render from a set I posted in DAZ4 #16

Prisma Test Render #11 - Hot Legs
Alpha Tales idea set at a luxurious beach hut.

Prisma Test Render #12 - Can't Reach
Even standing on a chair, she knows his glasses are still out of reach.

Prisma Test Render #13 - Chocolate Stop
An Alpha Tales scenario where a man stands on his van to offer Alpha girls chocolates.

Prisma Test Render #14 - Big Kiss
GH-X2 test with Caitlin trapping Jack under her big body and forcibly kissing him.

Prisma Test Render #15 - Pinned (Part 1)
An Alpha schoolgirl easily pins a boy with her legs and humiliates him.

Prisma Test Render #16 - Pinned (Part 2)
He can't move a muscle as she mocks his size and fondles him.


P R I S M A --- # 1 - 8

There is an app called Prisma that I've noticed people starting to use which has a number of very effective artistic filters you can apply to photographs you take on your phone. With a bit of jiggery-pokery, I've been able to apply a number of these filters to some of my experimental Daz renders from the last few years, almost all of which have never been shown off on account of being too grainy, not resolved enough, or just because they were ideas that never went anywhere.

Because Prisma's filters are so powerful, I've been able to transform my slightly ratty test images into very presentable pieces of artwork that put my own efforts at emulating oil painting and artistic effects to shame!

Many of these tests concentrate on Alpha-Tales-style size ratios and scenarios, and if you look closely you can see some ideas explored as part of the evolution of GH-X2 itself.

Prisma Test Render #01 - Stripped
A composition exploring how easily Caitlin can manhandle Jack in GH-X2.

Prisma Test Render #02 - Excuse Me
A small man tries to attract the attention of his towering date.

Prisma Test Render #03 - Lie Still
An exploration of what later became the 'Culmination' chapter in GH-X2.

Prisma Test Render #04 - Admirer
A 50-foot tall woman finds her admirer too cute to ignore.

Prisma Test Render #05 - Desk Job
An Alpha Tales spin-off idea - a giant girl demands attention.

Prisma Test Render #06 - About To Receive
A gentler kind of sexual chemistry between two scales.

Prisma Test Render #07 - Jessica Snape
A Prisma version of a render from a0040pc's story BFG Angleland.

Prisma Test Render #08 - No Escape
A composition envisaging the shower scene from GH-X2.